A message from our Pastor...

Rainsville First Baptist Church is about "Glorifying God by Transforming Lives Through the Gospel and Discipleship."

This is, and will always be, our number one priority.  However, we understand that good stewardship is essential

in our mission to glorify God and make disciples.

Jesus talked about money and a disciple's relationship to money more than He spoke about heaven and hell combined.

Sixteen of the thirty eight parables were about possessions.

STEWARDSHIP is important to a disciple and to his church!

That is where we find ourselves at Rainsville First Family, knowing the importance of stewardship.

God has blessed His church through the obedience of His people in tithing and giving.  

Now, it is time to "step on the gas" and move to the finish line that is paying off our debt.

Thus, NO MORE IN '24.

As your Pastor, I would challenge our church to be debt free in the year 2024.  

Whether that means beginning or ending the year debt free, I believe the end is in sight. 


Why do I feel this way?

We must first look at where we have come from...

  • In 2006, the church finalized its initial debt by borrowing $2.1 million dollars.  
  • In March 2016, the loan was refinanced at $1.6 million dollars.
  • Today, in September 2020, the loan currently stands at $687,679.04.

Over the past 4.5 years, Rainsville First Family has paid $539,648.85

over the scheduled monthly payments and directly to principal.

This month, the loan was again refinanced at a lower interest rate (3.95%),

and we believe we are near to seeing this debt retired.


How can we do that?

Keep Tithing

There is no substitute for tithing and giving to the general budget of the church.

In fact, the vast majority of the $539,000 that was paid on the debt

came through the general fund budget of the RFBC.

Rainsville First Family is committed to keeping our general fund balances low

in order to apply all excess funds directly to debt retirement.

Keep Giving Monthly to Debt Retirement

Each month we all must give to debt retirement specifically

in order to meet the $12,665/month payment.

Look for Ways God Blesses You In Order to Give More

It may be through unexpected bonuses, inheritance, sell of homes, properties, boats, 

or other items that God will bring through you during these next three years.

Ask God how much He would have you give through these blessings

to help set the church that you dearly love free of debt.

You may give that special offering through the General Fund or to Debt Retirement.

God has done great things through His people, 

and He's doing great things through His church.

The best is yet to come.