Returning to Worship at Rainsville First Family



The day is approaching when we will be able to safely return to gathering for worship with one another.  We are all excited; however, our leadership does understand that this will be a difficult transition for some.  Therefore, to help facilitate our return to worship, we have designed a few "phases" that we believe are safe and in accordance with health guidelines.

We are aware that each member is at a different place concerning their level of comfort in regard to returning to public worship.  There are those who have immune compromised health concerns, or have family members that do, and it is wise that you should wait a little longer before returning to ensure safety.  No one should attend a service if they have a fever or other symptoms associated with COVID-19.  In that situation, you are encouraged to continue to join us live each Sunday and Wednesday via our livestream broadcast online.  

Some will choose to join us in person as we return to worship, but they will be wearing masks and will want to avoid close contact with anyone.  We will certainly respect and honor their decisions, and we will walk through these coming weeks and months with great understanding and submission to the individual choices of others.  

For those who make the choice to return to a gathered corporate worship setting, the following principles are part of our "Phase I" plan of returning to the gathered assembly for worship.  At this time, we do not know when this return to gathered worship will take place, and when it does happen, we do not know how long "Phase I" may last.  We are sharing this information with you now, because we want to be ready when the day does arrive for a return to gathered worship.

  1. We will immediately go to holding (2) Sunday morning worship services on our campus, beginning at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.  Worship on Wednesday will begin at 6:10 pm.
  2. We are suggesting attendance at the Sunday gatherings be staggered by Sunday School classes.  Understand that you may attend at the time best suited for you and your family, but this criteria is suggested:  8:30 am – Dudley Stephenson, Joe Burke, Jimmy Traylor, Keith Williams, and Don Meyer.  10:30 am – Gary Blevins, Tyler Murdock, Monty Price, Jeremy Taylor, and Kyle Brown.
  3. Arrive early, so you can be seated properly.
  4. When you arrive, go immediately toward the area of the auditorium where you wish to be seated.  You will be greeted by ushers who will help to place you as near as possible to where you wish to sit, but be aware that our seating will be different...
  5. Alternating rows of chairs will be used for alternating services, so there will always be one row, or 6 feet, between each group of worshipers.  No one group will sit in the same row as someone in a previous service.
  6. Families may sit together in a row.  Non-family members will be required to have 6 feet of distance between them.  Because of this "distancing placement," there will be a limited number of persons on each row.
  7. All entrance doors will be opened, so there will be no need to touch any frequently touched surfaces.
  8. Restroom doors will be "discreetly opened" for easier entrance and exit.
  9. Exiting the building will be done in an orderly fashion by rows, and each section will leave through different exit points.
  10. Following the service, if you wish to socialize, it must be done outside the building.  If you don't wish to socialize, you may proceed directly to your car after you exit.
  11. There should be no encouraging of physical contact by anyone, and we highly suggest that you do not initiate any physical contact with anyone.
  12. Masks and personal protective equipment are permitted to wear.
  13. Sanitizing stations will be located throughout the building, and all soap and towel dispensers in the bathrooms have been replaced for non-touch usage.
  14. There will be no childcare, Sunday School, or Wednesday night activities for children or students during "Phase I."  You are welcomed, and encouraged, to bring your entire family for worship.
  15. Physical bulletins will not be distributed, as all communication will continue entirely online.
  16. The offering can be received as you exit the service, or you may continue to give online, by mail, or by utilizing the drop-box located outside the church office entrance.
  17. Areas of the church (door handles and restrooms) will be sanitized between all services.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, even as some of these items may be subject to change as we actually begin this process.  We are seeking to make this as safe and easy as possible, and we will make necessary changes as we go along.