"But when He saw the multitudes, 

He was moved with compassion for them..."

Matthew 9:36

If He lived here, How would Jesus see the city of Rainsville?

How would He see DeKalb County, Alabama?


The answer should be that Jesus sees our city and our community through our eyes, 

because, as His children, Jesus lives in us and through us.

This summer, we are launching a mission endeavor that we pray will become

a lifelong calling on the heart of Rainsville First Baptist Church.

That calling is simply to see our city and community through the compassionate

eyes of our loving Savior.  By using our hands, feet and resources, 

we desire to become God's servants to the very community where

He has intentionally placed us.  We will prayerfully seek out those in need

and help those we are able to serve through God's power, guidance and provision. 

Our #1 priority this summer is Vacation Bible School.

We will need "all hands on deck" for this huge ministry event, 

which will play an integral part in "Mission Rainsville."

VBS 2021 - Destination Dig

JUNE 20 - 24

at Rainsville First Family