Due to our precautions for the COVID-19 pandemic, 

we regret to announce that this concert has been postponed.  

We hope to reschedule at some point in the Fall.


Concert Postponed

Rainsville First Baptist Church / Main Auditorium

The Sisters are:

Kim Ruppe Sheffield, Heather Ruppe Bennett, Valerie Ruppe Medkiff

Harmony is the blending of various notes and elements that, when they come together

just right, create one impacting sound.  Add to that a genetic connection and a heartfelt commitment to convey the love of Christ, and you have the astounding and soaring harmonies of SISTERS.

Raised in a loving home by parents committed to teaching them to serve the Lord and to make Jesus the motivation for sharing their talents with the world, Kim Ruppe Sheffield, Heather Ruppe Bennett, and Valerie Ruppe Medkiff, all sisters, have embarked on a new endeavor that is taking the music world by storm.  Their worldwide tour is reaching people

of all ages and musical tastes.  

These sisters began their music ministry before they were out of elementary school, along with parents Leo and Brenda Ruppe.  It was in 1974, when Kim was nine and Heather was eight, the two daughters and Brenda began singing as The Ruppes.  Valerie was also a part

of the ministry at the young age of four.  In 1975, the group recorded their first album, 

"The Way, The Truth, The Life."  They went on to experience overwhelming success.  Their most notable song during their years as The Ruppes was the stunningly beautiful, “Under His Wings.”  They had many other top songs including their first number one, “Angels In The Room” from the album " Seasons".  Their 2001 album release "Born to Serve" yielded a Grammy nomination.

Years of ministry brought changes for The Ruppes as the girls went their separate ways at various times.  Through it all, they continued to minister and they remained very close as a family.  Now God has opened the door for them to come full circle and sing together as Sisters and they are loving every minute of it. 


“Sisters has been a dream of ours for a long time.  We can't really pinpoint a 'time' when God put the dream in our hearts.  It seems to have always been there, but the timing wasn’t quite right.  We just always agreed that when God opened the door of opportunity, we would take the step of faith and walk through it.  We are so excited to have the chance to minister to people with our music.  Somehow, it's different when Sisters are on stage together.  We have such kindred spirits and, musically speaking, we think so much alike.  It's like God touches us with a special anointing when we sing about Him.  We don't ever want to take the platform we've been given for granted.  We know that in any given situation, the audience that we are in front of is full of hurting, broken people.  We know, because we've been 'the audience' many times before.  We all have the same needs and wants, the same questions and struggles.  We are ALL living this life and sometimes it gets hard.  But if we have a few minutes to share our music and our hearts just to let people know how good and gracious God is even when life gets tough....what an opportunity that is and may we ever be mindful of that!  We are so thankful that finally, the three of us have been given the chance to sing as Sisters."

And today, Sisters are traveling all over the country sharing their dynamic harmonies and deep love for Christ.  Their magic on stage in combination with incredible songs and amazing harmonies is absolutely unstoppable.  For this group of inseparable sisters, dreams really DO come true.

Rainsville First Family is excited to host this wonderful family of singers!


Five Time Gospel Music Female Group of the Year, Progressive Album of the Year, 

Female Vocalist of the Year, Fan Award, Dove Award, Grammy Nominations